scientists do fall in love with their subjects.

Orphan Black 2x01 - Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

Dorothy Allison, To The Bone 

That summer I did not go crazy,
spoke instead to my mama who insisted 
our people do not go crazy. 
We make instead that sudden evening
silence that follows the shotgun blast. 
We stand up alone twenty years after 
like a scarecrow in a field
pie-eyed, toothless, naming
our enemies and outliving them. 
That summer I talked to death
like an old friend, a husky voice
whispering up from my cunt, echoing
around my knees, laughing.
That summer I did not go crazy
but I wore
                  very close
very close
                 to the bone.

You said I was no good. I’m nothing.

"Poetry: three mismatched shoes at the entrance
of a dark alley."  - Charles Simic (via bobschofield)


New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6


Rinko Kikuchi for Jalouse China December 2013 by Jumbo Tsui

"Look, without our stories, without the true nature and reality of who we are as People of Color, nothing about fanboy or fangirl culture would make sense. What I mean by that is: if it wasn’t for race, X-Men doesn’t sense. If it wasn’t for the history of breeding human beings in the New World through chattel slavery, Dune doesn’t make sense. If it wasn’t for the history of colonialism and imperialism, Star Wars doesn’t make sense. If it wasn’t for the extermination of so many Indigenous First Nations, most of what we call science fiction’s contact stories doesn’t make sense. Without us as the secret sauce, none of this works, and it is about time that we understood that we are the Force that holds the Star Wars universe together. We’re the Prime Directive that makes Star Trek possible, yeah. In the Green Lantern Corps, we are the oath. We are all of these things—erased, and yet without us—we are essential."  - Junot Díaz, “The Junot Díaz Episode" (18 November 2013) on Fan Bros, a podcast “for geek culture via people of colors” (via kynodontas)

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Ethel Leontine GABAIN & HOGRET

One day we were shooting “Portlandia” downtown and we went to eat in the lunchroom of this church where they were having an art show. This season’s shoot was really hard; I felt very pushed and challenged, and I was tired and disoriented a lot. I remember sitting down and seeing this painting on a canvas. It said: “If you can, please wake up.” It’s this weird, dark, intense phrase that almost sounded like something like a kid would say to his parents. And that became my mantra for the whole rest of the shoot.
I spent two weeks chasing down the artist— he was the security guard at the building. I told him how much that painting meant to me and how it had really gotten me through the shoot and he said, “I would be happy to sell it to you if it means that much to you.” So about a month ago, I drove over to his house and bought the painting from him.

Carrie Brownstein
Photographs © We Are The Rhoads
Is it easy for you to forget about people?

Emily, I would prefer to discuss this in private messages. 

Like the naked leads the blind.
I know I’m selfish, I’m unkind.
Sucker love I always find,
Someone to bruise and leave behind.

Sex (The 1975 cover) // Lauren Aquilina 

And this is how it starts
Take your shoes off in the back of my van
Yeah my shirt looks so good,
When it’s just hanging off your back